I'm David Hulsken,
music composer

Music brings imaginary worlds to life. Even with your eyes closed, you can wander into places beyond words. Music and sound have huge impact on our brains and stimulate imagination, memory and emotion. That’s why music is my great passion and I enjoy to take your dream, your story to a higher level. 

David Hulsken music composer from Utrecht Netherlands

About me

I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember. As a little kid I used to play records on my dad’s pick-up player and was intrigued by jazz, blues and world music. I wanted to develop my musical skills and chose the piano as a starting point. Later I discovered electronic music and began buying and playing records. Since then I’ve been performing both electronic music and instrumental music all over the world.
My love for synthesizers, has resulted in a special collection that I use for my composing jobs.

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What I Do

Music composing & production



A soundtrack is a song (or several) that is composed for a film or documentary. The music usually also appears in the film, but is a stand-alone piece of music, which is usually released around the premiere of the film. A good soundtrack captures the vibe of the movie.



A film score is the combination of all the pieces of music in a film or documentary that support the script. This music is composed specifically for the scene you see. It gives the story its own unique atmosphere and character. Without it, there’s no magic.



Sound design makes filmscenes more intense and dramatic, like the squeaking sound of a door that opens or a car that crashes. It also enhances emotional scenes, for example if someone is frightened. Sound design is what makes moving images captivating.



Do you have a passion for music, but no space and equipment to take it to the next level? Book a day in the studio and together we will get the best out of our mutual love for music. Not only will we have an awesome time; at the end of the day you will be the creator of your own track!



Did you know that sound is one of the most impactful tools in marketing? A sound logo is a music fragment, composed specifically for your brand. This way, your brand will unconsciously stick in someone’s memory long after they saw or heard your commercial.



Producing a podcast, a commercial or a television program? Ofcourse you want to stand out! With a recognizable jingle you literally give your production it’s own sound. A jingle enhances recognition and attracts the attention of your audience.

Most recent

composing projects

These are some of my latest projects I worked on. Don’t hesitate to contact me about possibilities for your project!

Music score for BNN documentary about abortion legislation, ‘Abortion is not a crime’.


Clients & collaborators

"I had the pleasure of working David on my first short film Lost Trauma. David composed the music and he did that with great energy and love for music. The collaboration was a lot of fun, David really understands how to bring your movie to a higher level with the right style of sound and music. The shortfilm won lots of awards and among them an award for Best Score! Thanks David for your time and energy! Looking forward to our next collaboration!"
Joey van Rumpt
Director "Verloren Trauma" (Lost Trauma)
award winner filmscore David Hulsken
Want to capture your audience and invite them into your world?
Music will do that.


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